Puglian snacks made of boiled and then baked bread dough mixed with olive oil

Mixed Olives

A selection of green and black seasonal olives


Smoked nuts and salted to taste

La Pizzica Bread

Mixed sourdough bread basket served with olive oil and vinegar


Freshly baked Italian bread, served with olive oil and vinegar

Focaccia e Mozzarella

Handmade focaccia bread with melting mozzarella

Focaccia Pesto e Pomodoro

Handmade focaccia bread with tomato sauce and our home-made basil pesto


Insalata Mista

Mixed leaves salad with a simple dressing

Rucola e Grana

Rocket salad topped with cherry tomatoes and hard Grana cheese with balsamic dressing


Grilled vegetables topped with a warmed round of goat cheese


Sliced tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, drenched in olive oil and salted to taste.

Spinaci e Broccoli

Fresh baby spinach, Tenderstem broccoli and caramelized onion sprinkled with wholegrain mustard dressing



Italian Iconic vegetable soup freshly made, served with a bunch of our own baked herbs croutons

(Gluten Free without croutons)

Radici al Forno

Our mix of roots vegetables seasoned and baked: Golden beetroot, parsnip, baby carrots and potatoes

Arancini Misti

A selection of meat and vegan arancini, served with our home-made sweet paprika mayo

*Ask only for mushroom ones for vegan option

Burrata alla Puttanesca

Famed Puglian cheese served on a bed of warm puttanesca sauce (olives, capers, tomato fillets)


Fresh not frozen squid rings breaded in semolina flour and deep fried, served with courgette, and3home-made tartare sauce


Aubergine, courgettes, peppers, celery, onion, capers in “agrodolce” seasoned with fresh basil

Cicoriella e Fave

Slow cooked puree made of white broad beans, topped with wild chicory and anchovies, served with toasted bread

*ask for no anchovies for vegan version

Tagliere La Pizzica

Our selection of cold cut meats and cheeses served with figs jam

Zucchine Fritte

Courgette fries coated in a delicious diary batter, deep fried and salted to taste

Polpette al Sugo

Veal and Parmesan meatballs in a rich tomato sauce

Add Puccia Bread (£3) or Fresh pasta (£5)

Crocchette di Patate

Handmade deep fried potato croquette with pecorino cheese, mozzarella and mortadella served with home-made paprika mayo. New Recipe

Carpaccio di Manzo

Beef fillet carpaccio with rocket salad and shaved pecorino cheese

Cavolo Nero (GF and Vegan with no guanciale)

Black cabbage stir fried with garlic and chilli topped with crispy guanciale

Bruschetta Classica

Toasted sourdough bread brushed with garlic and parsley topped with fresh tomato and basil

Funghi Trombetta

Trumpet mushrooms sear-cooked in oil, served with Pecorino Romano cheese shavings, Truffle oil and pomegranate


Lo Spaghettone

Very thick spaghetti cooked with cherry, red and yellow Torpedino tomatoes. Topped with Pecorino cheese. The essence of the Traditional Salento Cuisine: Simple but fresh and high quality ingredients combined in a Dish for everyone

*Ask for no cheese for vegan version

Le Orecchiette Cime Rapa

Pasta with Apulian wild broccoli, topped with anchovies, garlic, and chilli flakes. Simply Puglia

*Ask for no anchovies for vegan version

I Paccheri e Gamberoni

Large tube pasta cooked with purple prawns, aubergine, and white real truffle oil. A classic pasta with land and sea influences, the rural and maritime Salento traditions combined in a pearl of flavours. 

La Ciciri e Tria

Pure Puglia, porta d’Oriente : White chickpeas cooked in their own sauce mixed with ribbon shaped pasta. Topped with fried pasta. The origin of this Dish is dated back on the 15th Century when Eastern populations left this treasure in our cuisine. 

Fregola di Don

Baked fregola pasta in rich slow cooked octopus and tomato ragu with natural sea flavours. Our tribute to the land of a great friend of ours. 

Le Fettuccine alla Gallipollina

Seafood Long pasta served with clams, prawns, mussels, calamari, white wine, chilli, garlic, and a dash of tomato, garnished with Parsley. The Way you would eat it in the best fisherman’s’ market on the West Coast.

Gli Gnocchi alla Gaia

Hand Made Potato Gnocchi with a rich Sausage, Guanciale and Capocollo Ragu sprinkled with fresh basil and shaved Ricotta Salata. The way Gaia like it. We’re sure.  

Il Risotto ai Funghi e Salsiccia

Carnaroli Rice Risotto with wild forest mushrooms, Italian artisan sausage and Grana Padano

*ask for no sausage for vegan version


Gluten-free base available


Pomodoro, mozzarella, spicy salami, spicy Nduja, fresh chillies


Pomodoro, Puglian origano and freshg garlic. (no Mozzarella)


Pomodoro, mozzarella and fresh basil


Pomodoro, mozzarella, anchovies, capers, black olives and Puglian Origano


Pomodoro, mozzarella, artichokes, ham, mushrooms, black olives

Parma e Rucola

Pomodoro, mozzarella, Parma ham, rocket leaves, Parmesan shavings

Quattro Formaggi

A selection of Italian cheeses. No pomodoro

Signora Bufala

Pomodoro, tomato fillets, fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella after cooking

Zio Pasquale

Mozzarella, black olives, friarielli (wild broccoli) and artisan Italian sausage. No pomodoro

Salsiccia e Porcini

Italian sausage, porcini mushroom, cacio cavallo cheese. No pomodoro


A white pizza with guanciale, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, egg yolk, mozzarella, and Pecorino Cheese


A wide and tasty selection of seasonal Italian meats on a Margherita base 


Pomodoro, Mozzarella, grilled aubergines, Fresh basil and Parmesan Cheese


Pomodoro, mozzarella, n'duja, grilled peppers, caramelised onions, caciocavallo cheese


Pomodoro, mozzarella, home made porchetta, fresh spinach, burrata cheese, toasted almonds, balsamic glaze

Terra Salentina*

Pomodoro, mozzarella, grilled seasonal vegetables

*available "Calzone Style"

Cotto e Funghi

Pomodoro, mozzarella, cooked ham, mushrooms

Our Desserts

Are all made on the premises


Elegant and rich layered dessert made with delicate savoiardi biscuits, espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, topped with cocoa powder


A simple mixture of sweetened cream and gelatine, topped with wild berries compote

Italian Cheesecake

An Italian version of this dessert consisting of a thick and creamy filling of ricotta cheese, double cream, and sugar over a thin crust topped with Mango Sauce

Mousse al Cioccolato

Chocolate mousse topped with Amaretto Crumble

Italian Gelato

Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry ice cream, or lemon sorbet

Special Dessert of the Week

Ask our staff for the weekly dessert special

Meat and Fish

Bistecca di Agnello alla Scottadito

Lamb leg steak marinated in olive oil and Sear-cooked in a Marsala sauce like Chef Patrizio wants. Scottadito means ‘burning finger’ as you cannot resist eating them sizzling hot. Served with a very moorish caponata

Bombette di Martina Franca

Grilled pork neck meat rolled with our secret recipe stuffing, all in a breadcrumb coating, served on a bed of potato puree. Bombettte are 100% Puglia 

Bistecca ai ferri

Our Chef’s weekly choice of Prime 10 oz Beef Steak, grilled and served with two sides of your choice  

Pesce all’Acqua Pazza

Our Chef’s weekly choice of white fish cooked alla “Crazy Water” with olives, capers, and  tomato fillets light sauce, served with two sides of your choice 

Purpu A Pignata

Octopus slow-cooked with white wine and tomato sauce on a bed of potato puree

Brasato Al Primitivo

Chuck of beef Braised in Organic Primitivo wine served with roots vegetables and potato puree


Mixed Leaves Salad

Simple Rocket Salad

Potato Puree

Mix Roots Vegetables


Chef’s Green choice

Tomato and Onion Salad

Soft Drinks

Filtered Water

Bottled Mineral Water

Apple Juice

Orange Juice


Diet Coke



Organic Italian Soft Drinks

Aranciata Rossa




Ginger Rosso


Aperol Spritz

Campari Spritz



Gin Tonic

Gin Tonic

Campari Soda


Sweet Wines

Suyan Puglia Bianco Passito IGT

Glass 100ml | Bottiglia 500ml

Recioto della Valpolicella classico DOC

Glass 100ml | Bottiglia 500ml

Digestives and Liqueurs


Lucano, Montenegro, Averna, Del Capo, Amaretto Di Saronno, Limoncello, Grappa, Sambuca.

Coffee and Teas


Espresso Macchiato


Double Espresso

Double Espresso Macchiato


Flat White


Fresh Mint Tea

Espresso Martini


House Prosecco

Glass 150ml | Bottiglia

La Marchesana Spumante Brut

Cantine Polvanera (Falanghina 100%) Puglia.

Straw-yellow colour with greenish highlights. Fine and persistent perlage. Floral and fruity notes, with hints of acacia, wild flowers and lime. Full, clean palate with good freshness and sapidity.

Brut Nature Spumante Metodo Classico Millesimato 2015

Alberto Longo (Falnghina 100%) Puglia

Fresh citrus scents, white fruit and salty sensations, a note of anise and slight hints of crusty bread. The saline closure and the long persistence make the taste captivating.

Brut Nature Rose’ Spumante Metodo Classico Millesimato 2015

Alberto Longo (Nero di Troia 100%) Puglia

Intense with delicate hints of small red fruits and citrus nuances, tones of bread crust. Intriguing, pleasant and delicate, the flavor enhances the fruity notes of red currant and cherry, with sensations of licorice root and minerals that persist for a long time

Ca’ del Bosco Francicorta Cuvee’ Prestige

(Chardonnay 75%, Pinot Bianco 10%, Pinot Nero 15%) Lombardy

An extremely classy example of Franciacorta, combining rich flavours of toasted brioche, butterscotch, baked apricots and almonds with subtle herbaceous notes and a clean, refreshing acidity.

BRUT PREMIER Collection 243 Louis Roederer

Chardonnay 40%, Pinot Nero 40%, Pinot Meunier 20%) Champagne

The bouquet is open and rich yet also wonderfully fresh. It offers delicate fruit with intense note. The palate is deep and dense with a big, well- structured of mirabelle plum and sweet lemon meringue pie and delicate notes of jasmine.

Rosé Wines

La Marchesana Primitivo Rosato

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Cantine Polvanera (Primitivo 100%) - Puglia 

Intense cherry pink colour, with beautiful luminosity. Dry, fine fruity (wild strawberry, raspberry and cherry) and floral (rose, oleander) romas, enhanced by hints of aromatic herbs. Slender, well-balanced palate, with just the right roundness balanced by pleasant freshness and distinct savoury flare. Good persistence on the finish, delicately balsamic.


Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Cantine Longo (Negroamaro 100%) - Puglia

A pleasant rosé wine with a pale onion skin pink color. On the nose it releases an intense and persistent, floral and fruity aroma. In the mouth it shows a fresh, elegant and savory flavor, with a good structure. Recommended as an aperitif or paired  with snacks and first courses of traditional Italian cuisine.

White Wines

La Marchesana Minutolo

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Cantine Polvanera (Minutolo 100%) - Puglia

Straw-yellow colour with  greenish highlights Intense and fine aromas of bergamot, peach, banana, green apple and hawthorn on a musky background. Delicately aromatic mouthfeel and nice depth, with a tasty fresh-savoury vein; persistent finish with excellent correspondence.

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo San Michele

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Centorame (Trebbiano 100%) - Abruzzo 

Straw-yellow  colour,  Aroma  of  calm  white  flowers  and  crisp fruit has a delicate dry taste . Ideal with fruity aroma of apple and herbs Fresh and fresh cheeses and light fish starters.

Grenuil Bianc Emilia IGT

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Torre Fornello (Pinot Nero 40% sauvignon blanc 30%, Ortrugo 20%, Malvasia di Candia aromatica 10%) - Emilia Romagna

Straw yellow color with amber and diamond reflex. Intense and persistent with very complex aromatic notes recalling sage, green pepper, elder flowers, lychee and exotic fruits. Soft and lively taste. Persistent, long and aromatic palate. Full and elegant.

Lamiro Verdeca Valla d’Itria IGT Puglia

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Tenute Rubino (Verdeca 100%) Puglia

A delicate, bright yellow beams at the eyes. The nose has Exotic fruit, peach, pear, a hint of aromatic herbs. The palate entertains itself withsapidity and freshness.

Vermentino Toscana

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Poggio Argentiera (Vermentino Toscana 100%) - Tuscany 

Straw yellow with greenish reflections, this Tuscan white has a beautiful, inviting nose. In the mouth, then, it is particularly refreshing, thanks to the natural acidity, with the classic scents of the best Vermentino of the Tuscan coast. Excellent with fish, it is the wine to open when you start with fresh raw fish and continue with a spaghetti allo scoglio.

“Le Valli” Bombino Bianco

Cantine Alberto Longo (Organic Bombino Bianco 100%) Puglia 

Fresh, intense and persistent taste. A white from Bombino (90%) and Moscato (10%) that blends grapes harvested es, vinified in white at a controlled temperature and aged in the bottle for 30 days. The intense and persistent flavour, with fruity and floral notes, and the savory flavour, of medium structure, make Le Valli the ideal wine for smooth aperitifs or to provide the base for mixes. Excellent if accompanied by raw seafood and sea urchins, traditional seafood dishes, second courses based on fish or white meat, fresh cheeses.

“Le Fossette” Falanghina

Cantine Alberto Longo (Organic Falanghina 100%) Puglia 

Harmonious and fruity, from cold maceration. A white with an intense and persistent aroma, with fruity and floral notes and balsamic hints. Produced from 100% Falanghina vines, it is vinified in white at a controlled temperature, and subsequently aged in the bottle for at least 30 days. The savoury, structured and harmonious flavour, accompanied by notes of fruit, make Le Fossette the perfect accompaniment for traditional seafood dishes, fish, white meats or medium-aged cheeses.

Pinot Grigio Madregale

(Cantina Tollo (Pinot Grigio 100%) Abruzzo

Light straw in color, on the nose light citrus and lemon. On the palate smooth and dry. Nice spice level. Good finishing. Very refreshing.

La Marchesana Fiano

Cantine Polvanera (Fiano 100%) Puglia

Straw yellow colour with deep golden hues. Intense and fine aromas of honey, banana, and apricot. It is pleasantly savoury and medium-bodied, with a fresh finish.

Langhe Chardonnay

Dogliani (Chardonnay Langhe 100%) - Piedmont

This wine has a bright straw yellow color and an intense bouquet with hints of white flowers and yellow fruits. The taste is fresh and flavorful with marked acidity.

Vermentino Colli Lunae Lunae Bosoni

(Vermentino Di Liguria 100%) Liguria

Golden in colour with lively scents of citrus, apricot and floral notes. A rich palate with juicy peach, apple and lemon fruit flavours with floral and mineral undertones. Fruity and rich, with crisp, mouthwatering acidiy.

Castellum Vetus Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC

Centorame (Trebbiano 100%) – Abruzzo

Late harvest Centorame's Trebbiano Castellum Vetus has a clear straw yellow colour in the glass. When tasted, it reveals aromas of white flowers and yellow pulp fruit interwined with notes of aromatic herbs. The sip is pleasantly fresh and savoury, characterised by a good structure and a persistent finish played on mineral and almond notes. At the table, it goes well with fresh and semi-aged cheeses as well as vegetarian dishes. Also excellent to accompany tasty recipes based on fish and shellfish.

Passerina d’Abruzzo DOC San Michele

Centorame (Passerina 100%)

Fashionable fruity favourite, a real crowd pleaser with its refreshing style. Well balanced with tropical fruits, refreshingly crisp and dry.

Etna Bianco

Pietradolce (Carricante 100%) Sicily (Italy)

Fashionable fruity favourite, a real crowd pleaser with its refreshing style. Well balanced with tropical fruits, refreshingly crisp and dry.

"Il Vascello"

Alberto Longo (Aged Falanghina 100%) Puglia

Macerated straw yellow with golden hues. Nose intense, persistent, complex, fruity, floral, balsamic. Taste well structured, spicy, fresh, complex, long.

Giancola Salento IGT Puglia

Tenute Rubino (Malvasia 100%)

Pale yellow with gold highlights. At the nose a bouguet of apricots, Williams pears and acacia. An elegant gentlemen Giancola, dressed with care taken in every detail, the kind that removes his hat to great a lady.

Donna Luigia, Malvasia Doc Colli Piacentini

Torre Fornello (Malvasia di Candia Aromatica) – Emilia Romagna (Italy)

Bright straw-yellow colour with amber highlights. Fresh and intense on the nose where the distinctive aroma of Malvasia is present with hints of mint, star anise, passion fruit and lychee. It is a dry, crisp aromatic wine which is pleasantly complex, lingering, well-rounded and structured.

Red Wines

La Marchesana Primitivo

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Cantine Polvanera (Primitivo 100%) - Puglia (Italy)

Deep ruby red colour with violet hues. Intense aromas of small black fruits with delicate floral and vegetal notes.Full, long and velvety taste, rounded off with a pleasantly almondy finish.

La Marchesana Negroamaro

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Cantine Polvanera (Negroamaro 100%) - Puglia (Italy)

Amaranth red with bright ruby highlights. On the nose, delicate floral hints, of rose combine with hints of black cherry, blueberry and blood orange. Well-balanced and coherent on the palate, buoyed by clear freshness and  a tonic tannic vein. Delicious citrus finish. Goes well with baked pasta dishes, pizza diavola, cured meats, white meats, veal and pork dishes.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc Scuderie Ducali

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Centorame (Montepulciano 100%) - Abruzzo (Italy)

Montepulciano aromas of plum, blueberry, dark cherry and spice. On the palate, it's concentrated but lively, with flavours of dark berries, warm cherry, oregano and thyme. A tad rustic but satisfying, this is and Italian red to enjoy with all sorts of grilled dishes.

Barbera D’Alba Doc

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Dogliani (Barbera d’Alba 100%) - Piedmont (Italy) 

With a vivid ruby red color, a persistent bouquet with prevalence of red berries, in the taste it shows up a moderate acidity and balanced tannin, with a good persistence in the mouth.

Musica Pinot Nero Emilia IGT

Glass 150ml | Carafe | Bottiglia 750ml

Torre Fornello (Pinot Nero 100%) – Emilia Romagna (Italy)

Ruby-red colour with burgundy red reflexes. Variegated, complex, prominently fruity bouquet with delightful cherry and spices notes. Plump, full, spicy, fresh, and persistent on the palate.

Castellum Vetus Colline Teramane DOCG

Centorame (Montepulciano d’Abruzzo) Abruzzo (Italy) 

After a long maceration on the pomace, conducted with soft punching down, the wine matures for 15 months in medium- toasted French oak barrels. The colour is garnet red, while the bouquet is ethereal, with a broad spicy bouquet. In the mouth hints of ripe red fruit, in particular morello cherry; spicy flavours; tannins present but well integrated.

Etna Rosso

Pietradolce (Nerello Mascalese 100%) Sicily (Italy)

Taut, tart and scented, this wine from the northern slope of Etna has great poise and energy. Wild strawberry, floral, wet-stone and sour-cherry flavours are lifted by the bright acidity on this light-bodied delicate Sicilian red.

Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso

Musella - Veneto (Italy)
(Corvina e Corvinone 85%, Rondinella 10%, Barbera 5%)

A rich, intense, full-bodied red wine with red cherry, raspberry, tobacco and dark chocolate notes on the nose; cranberry, black cherry and cocoa notes on the palate.

Fanoi Primitivo

Cantele (Primitivo 100%) Puglia (Italy)

A wine with ripe dark fruit aromas, think balckberry and plum, complemented by hints of spice, vanilla, and oak. On the palate, it is full-bodied with velvety tannins and a fantastic balance between fruitiness and structure


Cantele (Primitivo 60% Negroamaro 40%) Puglia (Italy)

Amativo hosts an aroma that is bold, dark,     uity packed with notes

dried fig, red fruits and a little rose floral notes in the background. T palate is distinguished bold with rich notes of silky cherries, red frui mixed with chocolate and tannins that carry coffee notes. The finish spicy with a hint of fruit.

Dorian Rosso Emilia IGT

Torre Fornello (Bonarda 30%, Barbera 30%, Pinot Nero 10%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%, 20% other varieties) Emilia Romagna (Italy)

Strong and brilliant ruby colour with grenade light nuances. Concentrated and the same time refined and elegant bouquet, with a long persistence that transmits unique and embracing sensations. Clean scents of wild berries and black cherry with hints of white pepper and liquorice. Slight balsamic flavor with hints of leather and cocoa with velvety and silky tannins. Young wine.

Capatosta, IGT Toscana rosso

Poggio Argentiera (Sangiovese 95% Alicante 5%) Toscana (Italy) 

Bright rupy red, this tuscan red has intense and pleasant aromas reminiscent of dark fruit and undergrowth with a nice body and an intense taste. A mature wine of great elegance.

Montepeloso, Aglianico, Cantine Alberto Longo

(100% Aglianico) Puglia (Italy)

The bouquet, characertistic of the vine, reveals, persistent notes of fruit associated with elegant spicy notes. The taste, soft on the attack, with pleasant sensations of red berries, aromatic persistence and tannic final notes, makes Montepeloso-Aglianico perfect to accompany aged and blue cheeses, furred game, braised meats and grilled meats

Poggioraso, IGT Toscana rosso

Poggio Argentiera (Cabernet Franc 100%) Toscana (Italy)

It has a ruby red color with garnet reflections. The smell has cherry, blackberry, licorice and black aromas. Th taste is soft and pleasant, fresh with defined tannins. It has a very clean end.

Langhe Nebbiolo

Dogliani (Nebbiolo 100%) - Piedmont (Italy)

This elegant wine is characterized by ethereal and intense fragrances, while in taste is full and harmonious. The long maceration allows structure and persistence. Noble in aromas and ethereal on the palate, this wine asks to be drunk on the versatile occasions, from formal ones to simple moments of everyday life.

“Le Cruste”

Cantine Alberto Longo (100% Organic Nero di Troia) Apulia (Italy)

Dense and balsamic, for ageing in oak barrels. The characteristic bouquet, intense and persistent, with hints of blackberry and ripe plum, and the dense and balsamic flavour, rich in sweet and silky tannins, make Le Cruste the perfect wine to accompany aged cheeses, game and meats in general

Oltreme' Susumaniello Brindisi DOC

Tenute Rubino (Susumaniello 100%)

The first notes are plums, cinnamon, and then aromas of cedar, blackcurrant leaves, hazelnut and a distant smokiness. The palate. “Here’s a lovely dark body, sapid and textured, the plot flows seamlessly while still maintaining it’s secure binding, intertwining with more intense chapters and finishing with an enjoyable ending”.

Lamo Ostuni DOC

Tenute Rubino (Ottavianello 100%)

Lively, brilliant ruby red. It has flashes of fresh acidity, which insist ob accompanying us, impressing this immediate enjoyment to memory without too many ifs and buts.

Palombara Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Tenute Rubino (Primitivo di Manduria 100%)

Dressed in a lovely deep red, reminiscent of black cherries. Delicate but developing spices of violets, black cherries, red currants and thyme. The palate is surprised and a little taken a back by the light crispness of the wine.

Jaddico Brindisi DOC Rosso Riserva

Tenute Rubino (Negroamaro 80% - Susumaniello 20%)

At the nose it has hints of leather and tobacco The Palate is Intense and full bodied, structured, with well defined tannin, with a long and sapid finish.

Barbaresco DOCG

Dogliani (Nebbiolo 100%) Piedmont (Italy)

Elegant, austere and noble, after a long ageing in large French oak barrels, it releases ruby red shades, with orange tingers. In the glass it gives off ethereal and spicy fragrances, with light vanilla and flowery notes.

Barolo Bussia DOCG

Dogliani (Nebbiolo 100%) Piedmont (Italy) 

The king of wines, our Barolo is obtained from a small vineyard in the Bussia area of Monforte d’Alba, one of the most prestigious site thanks to its unique soil composition and climatic guardianship. After at least 18 months of ageing in large French oak barrels, it releases ruby red shades, and scents of small red fruits. From the tasting it is well balanced and elegant, with persistent velvet tannins.

Morar Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOCG Vintage 2010

Valentina Cubi (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella), Veneto (Italy)

Beautiful, bright ruby colour, with hint of garnet. Perfumed and elegant, with red cherry with a touch of sweet vanilla. Great freshness and succulence on the palate, with lovely tannic grip and a long red fruit and spice finish. Ready now and deserves extended cellaring. SERVING SUGGESTIONS Red meat, aged cheeses and game.

Morar Amarone della Valpollicella Classico DOCG Vintage 2005

Valentina Cubi (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella), Veneto (Italy)

Intense, red garnet-coloured, with orange hint. Aristocratic and full-bodied. Spicy and complemented by ripe fruit sensations of cherry and plumb. Juicy with vanilla spice sweetness in the middle.

Brunello di Montalcino CASISANO Riserva

(Sangiovese 100%) - Tuscany (Italy) 

A deep, intense ruby with tinges of garnet, it offers a fine, complex nose, in which the fruit combines with a sweet spiciness deriving from its long aging. On the palate it is austere, with ripe, velvety tannins producing an excellent balance between great structure and elegance. The finish is fresh and harmonious.

Torretesta Brindisi DOC

Tenute Rubino (Susumaniello 100%) Puglia

The nose is of ripe red fruit, sweet spices, carob, and the Mediterranean scrubland. Partially raisined grapes give Torre Testa an unmatched elegance, making it a symbol of Salento's ecological renaissance that stands out due to its robust acidity and tannins of unparalleled finesse.

LA DAME Tenuta Liliana

Salento IGT (Cabernet- Sauvignon 100%) Puglia (Italy)

Rich and chocolatey on the nose with banked plum and creme de ca Attractive herby notes too, as well as spicy oak. It's Italy by way of N but with a savoury twist and acidic tang that is more faithfully italian and ageworthy too.



COLOUR: Light gold



A lager-style, bottom fermented beer with a light golden color. Agricola is characterized by a white compact head with a round body and a well-balanced bitterness. Following the most typical brewery tradition, the sweet malted flavors are predominant, whereas hops emanate a wide variety of aromas, from the grassy to the flowery ones. It is the perfect choice at all times of the day.

Nuda & Cruda



BEER STYLE: Bohemian Pils

A pils-style, bright, golden colored beer with a clean taste. It is a unique beer, in its taste and smell, thanks to the extraordinary high-quality raw materials that are used at our brewery. Fried foods are the best pairings. We particularly recommend to enjoy it on its own, in silence, and to focus all of your senses on this once-in-a lifetime experience.



COLOUR: Light gold



Golden Ale with a bright golden color, highly digestible and fresh. The drink is easy and pleasant, an initial malted tone results in a sensual citrus freshness given by English and American hops, and by our spices. The production process and the highest quality raw materials make this beer special in its simplicity.


COLOUR: Bright Gold


BEER STYLE: Belgian Ale

An exclusive tribute to the Salento region, this top fermented beer is characterized by an intense golden color and a persistent head. Its malted flavors are highly balanced by hop, which brings to the nose and taste the yeast flavors. A light beer with a chili pepper aroma, it is appetizing and worthy of its own name.





BEER STYLE: Session Ipa

An opalescent colored IPA, with a fresh and captivating taste. The malted aromas, pils and pale, balance the hops, with a honey flavor. The hopping, occurring several times throughout the production process, results in a variety of aromas, from the grassy to the citrus ones, and ends in a dry and persistent bitterness. It is a complex beer that can be drunk at every time of the day.


COLOUR: Straw Yellow


BEER STYLE: Alcohol Free Session Ipa

A fragant, easy-to-drink light beer that stands out thanks to the strenght of the American hops. The italian malts and vigorous hopping result in a bold golden-colored beer, perfect on every occasion with a distinctive personality and long bitter finish. 0% alcohol and drink with no moderation!






Half | Pint

(Italian Lager Beer)


Half | Pint

(Italian Lager Beer)

Craft Beers


Lager - 5%

A lager- style, bottom fermented beer with a light golden color.


Belgian Ale - 5.2%

A exclusive tribute to the Salento region, this top fermented beer is characterized by an intense golden color and a persistent head


IPA - 4.8%

IPA. An opalescent colored IPA, with a fresh and captivating taste. It is a complex beer that can be drunk at every time of the day.

Nuda e Cruda

Pils - 4.5%

A pils - style, bright, golden color beer with a clean taste.

Fripa - Alcohol Free


A light, fragrant and drinkable beer. A blonde with character, and long bitter finish.



A top fermented beer with a dense color and compact head. Its soft taste is well balanced by hops

Igea - Gluten Free


Golden Ale with a bright golden color, highly digestible and fresh

Laguna Beach


American IPA with a golden color, unobstrusive to the nose, on the palate it presents itself with a malty entrance

Agricola Ambrata

RED LAGER - 6.5%Beer of German origin characterized by pronounced malty tones. The color rangers from dark amber to dark cooper with an ivory froam

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